Test1.jpg (45416 bytes)     Seed Certification is conducted to preserve genetic purity and identity and to increase the supply and speed of distribution of seed of new and improved crop varieties.

The Oklahoma seed certification  rules and regulations are published in a handbook titled " Oklahoma Seed Certification Standards and Rules ". This booklet is updated periodically and published by the OCIA. The handbook contains standards for those crops currently certified by OCIA. If members of OCIA desire to certify a crop for which OCIA standards are not established, AOSCA standards will apply.

    The table of contents for the OCIA booklet includes the following:

Application Form for Approved Conditioner/Bulk Facility

Approved Conditioner Handbook-2008

Forms & Guidelines  

Certified Seed Growers' Guide

How to Become A Certified Seed Grower


General Information and Requirements

Specific Crop Standards

Regulations For Conditioning of Oklahoma Certified Seed by Oklahoma Seed firms