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Important Dates  

  June 15, 2016 - Peanut Appl. Due

  August 1, 2016 - Deadline for Peanut,
     Soybeans, Mungbeans Applications

  August 8, 2016 - Form B for Peanuts
     will be mailed out

   August 19, 2016 - Form B for Peanut
       are due.

    Dec. 31, 2016  - 2017 Small
       Grains Applications are due

    Feb. 9-11-2017  - OCIA Annual
       Mtg., Embassy Suites Hotel,
       Norman, OK



BASF Designated Seed Testing Labs
 PVPA & Saving Seed Article
 Jeff Edwards Small Grains Blog
 OSU Small Grains Extension
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Last Updated  7-20-16

  Be watching for your July 25th addition of the High
  Plains Journal.  The 2016 Oklahoma Wheat Book will
  be an insert in this publication.

This year small grains samples will be sent to a     different laboratory for testing.  Please use the sample   bag that was mailed to you with the neon green address label.  All small grains sample should be mailed to :

Sterling Seed Testing Lab
11937 US Hwy 81
Dover, OK 73734-5851

Form C's are still to be mailed to the Oklahoma Crop Improvement Office.




   A reminder about saving Doublestop CL Plus seed. 
   Seed from Clearfield varieties cannot be saved for
   replanting, even on your own farm.  Whether or not
   you spray Beyond herbicide has no effect on this law,
   as the Clearfield gene in these varieties is protected
   by a utility patent.  This is a different law & set of
   rules than standard PVP.  The BASF stewardship
   guidelines can be found at:



                BASF AgCelerate Program  

  In order to create an account with BASF AgCelerate Program you must first
  obtain an invite code.   click here to obtain your code or call 1-866-784-4630.
   If you already have an invite code, click here for AgCelerate                   




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