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Important Dates  

  Dec. 31st
Appl. for 2016 Small 
       Grains due  

  Jan. 18 - 2016 - Office closed

  Feb. 12-13, 2016 - OCIA Annual
       Mtg., Embassy Suites Hotel,

  March 1, 2016 - Turfgrass Appl.

  March 15, 2016 - Deadline for Sm.
       Grains Applications

  April 15, 2016 - No Sm. Grains
       applications postmarked after
       this date will be accepted. 

  April 15, 2016 - Approved
       Conditioner Application Due



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Last Updated  1/15/2016
    2015 PVP forms are due in the OCIA office Friday,
   December 4th. Make sure you have the appropriate
   certification label attached and buyer's signature &
   date of sale.


   A reminder about saving Doublestop CL Plus seed. 
   Seed from Clearfield varieties cannot be saved for
   replanting, even on your own farm.  Whether or not
   you spray Beyond herbicide has no effect on this law,
   as the Clearfield gene in these varieties is protected
   by a utility patent.  This is a different law & set of
   rules than standard PVP.  The BASF stewardship
   guidelines can be found at:



  The 2016 pocket calendars have arrived.  Please
  contact the OCIA office if you would like one.




   The OCIA Board of Directors was notified recently
   that the ODAFF will be increasing the fees for testing
   seed beginning Sept. 11th.  The new fees are listed
   below.  Please keep in mind that OCIA does not add
   any extra fees to those charged by the ODAFF; the
   amount you are billed by the OCIA office is exactly the
   amount the ODAFF charges OCIA.

   Current fees:

   Germ.: $12.00
   Seed Count: $4.00

  Beginning Sept. 11th:

   Purity: $14.00  
   Germ.:  $13.00
   Seed Count: $8.00



List of Carry-Over Seed Available

     Joe Peeper - Garfield Co. (580) 855-2431   Registered Gallagher
     Dan Herald - Texas Co.   (580) 652-2295   Billings, Ruby Lee, Iba

     Eastern Colorado Seed     (806) 549-3970  Billings, Iba, Ruby Lee

     Greenbush Seed Co.    (620) 662-6659   C. Ruby Lee

     Eric Lamle (580) 822-5077   Ruby Lee and Gallagher






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