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Important Dates  

    March 1 -
Deadline for Turfgrass

     March 15 - Deadline for Small
        Grains Applications - penalty
        will start after this date.  No
        applications will be accepted
        after April 15th.

     April 15 - Approved Conditioner
         Applications Due




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Last Updated 4-7-17


  Form B for the 2017 Small Grains Field Inspection
   was mailed April 7, 2017.  If you are in good
   standings with OCIA, OGI, and have applied for
   field inspection, you should receive your form in the
   next couple of days.  The signed and dated form is
   due in the OCIA office by April 20th.  If you know of
   any changes to your fields, please make the change
   on the form before returning.  You do not have to
   send payment for field inspection at this time.  You
   will be billed at the end of May.  For any questions,
   please feel free to contact the OCIA office.


  Changes made to standards at recent Annual Mtg.
   These changes will become effective immediately.

  •    Establishment of a minimum test weight of
       56 pounds per bushel for the Certified class of
       wheat seed.  There will still be no minimum test
       weight for the Foundation or Registered classes.


  •     Any sample of wheat submitted for laboratory
       analysis and found to contain rye and/or
    in any amount will be rejected for
       certification and no re-cleaning and re-testing
       will be permitted.


 OCIA has created a planting record to assist you in capturing field
 information for subsequent application for certification.  It is
 strongly advised that you use this, or create your own, as it will
 ease your transition to our electronic field application this fall by
 having the information handy.  Click here for pdf, or
 here for ad editable docx document.

 Update:  Some of you are attempting to use the "MyFields online
 program for field certification.  We appreciate your efforts but
 remember, you MUST create an account first and only ONE account.
 You will receive an email notification when we have accepted your
 account and then you will be able to start entering your field
 certification applications.  If you have any questions, please do not
 hesistate to contact our office and we will do our best to walk you
 thru the process. Click here for a copy of the "How To" booklet.

Click here to watch youtube videos on creating your field
through the MyFields Program


   A reminder about saving Doublestop CL Plus seed. 
   Seed from Clearfield varieties cannot be saved for
   replanting, even on your own farm.  Whether or not
   you spray Beyond herbicide has no effect on this law,
   as the Clearfield gene in these varieties is protected
   by a utility patent.  This is a different law & set of
   rules than standard PVP.  The BASF stewardship
   guidelines can be found at:



                BASF AgCelerate Program  

  In order to create an account with BASF AgCelerate Program you must first
  obtain an invite code.   click here to obtain your code or call 1-866-784-4630.
   If you already have an invite code, click here for AgCelerate                   




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